For ages, ruling elites have rigidified their privileges by dividing and conquering the vast majority of people. They enslaved humans, burnt witches, hung scientists. They declared war on women, ethnicities, believes, social “classes,” cultures, and denounced them unworthy. They enriched themselves on the backs of others and exploited our resources to the point where we all face extinction; they dehumanized whomever they were fighting to keep their power.

Up to the point where we frankly started to enslave ourselves, subdued to an inhumane system, in which we think we can have more, be more than our neighbor. We separated from each other, driven by fear, and brought destruction, war, and annihilation over all of us. Through the incarnation of our souls, we who stand with freedom and equality today, have played the role of the oppressor ourselves, for sure. We might still do it today when we feed into the thought of “I’m better than you,” when we do not acknowledge our own privilege and keep our eyes closed cause it’s more convenient.

We all have oppression, dehumanization, injustice, and indignity somewhere down our ancestral lines. It’s time to own it, heal it, and connect to each other as one human race.

We have thousands of years of separation in our bones. We became alienated to nature, to each other, to ourselves. We try to fill our inner void with senseless consumerism on material and emotional levels, acting out our inner anger against each other.

We as humanity are in pain, cause we treat each other and our home, Earth, with hatred, disrespect, contempt. We lost connection to each other, lost connection to nature, lost connection to our soul. We elevated ourselves as the crown of creation, in endless arrogance and ignorance, we elevated ourselves amongst our own kind. We’ve forgotten that we all came out of one womb.

EVERYTHING is connected. We are part of everything, as everything is a part of us. We are one species, living as a part of this living entity, our Mother, our home, Earth.

We don’t need categories to define who we are as a human species. Those concepts kept as ALL enslaved and imprisoned physically, mentally, and spiritually. There is a fight going on, and it is a political, social, economical one only on the surface.
Underneath it all, this is a spiritual fight.
The system we live in was built through our disconnection, greed, fear, and kept alive by our own ignorance.

A paradigm shift is occurring. It might not happen overnight, but the desperate death gasp and ever-tightening grip of this old system is a sign of its death. This system and its profiteers are fighting desperately to survive – fighting desperately to keep their privileges and control over the vast majority of people.
We have to return to connection, reclaim our wilderness and freedom, and finally stand together.

We will be the last stand – for a better humanity, for a better future. And we will be one kind of a force to reckon with if we stand together as one human race. Humankind is fed up with this bullshit, we are rising, raising our voices, fighting – in the streets, with words, with love, with pure energy, not just since this year. We are growing in numbers. This force can’t be stopped. We are free souls, uniting in love, standing together, and standing up for each other.

Those who profiteer from the way things are might suppress us, lock us up, control us, fight us, defame us, try to silence us, separate us. Don’t let them. Stop feeding into “I am right, and you are wrong.” Stop categorizing, differentiating. Start to listen, start to connect. Act out of love, not fear. Fear is what keeps us under control. The separation happening on every level of our existence has to end.

We are more, and we are entering a new paradigm. This shift won’t be all roses and unicorns. The world goes through its dark night of the soul, and change is always painful. The old is dying, and it is fighting hard to stay alive. We have to stand together as one species. We are more.

It’s time to stand up together. Unite in love. Unite in peace. Unite in freedom.
For Her. For us.

Then we’ll win.


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