Here’s why so many of us are protesting in meditation.

In the past weeks, I was, and I still am, very much involved in, let’s call it political activism. As a spiritual being, I always try to get the bigger picture, in the sense of universal connectedness. From that point, it isn’t just political activism; it is the intention of and the urge for a bigger change, which was sparked in me a couple of years ago when I decided to step out of the system I no longer found valuable for my whole well-being.

I decided to quit my job and reinvented my life as something more aligned with my soul. Since then, I’m trying to create a life for me that complies with my true needs, values, and truth. A life that nurtures my soul and is aligned with my heart. It’s not perfect, it’s a process.

So, in the past weeks, my role on this path was manifesting as political activism.

Today, I feel the need to set this particular section in time and space into the perspective of the bigger picture of my being – which is that I’m a child of this Earth, trying to protect our home, trying to connect us back to ourselves and our roots in Earth. This drives everything I’m doing, be it my work, my teaching, my learning.

I strongly believe the following:

If people truly, deeply fell in love with nature again, they would live in tune with their own sacred and inherent nature; they intuitively would protect and value what’s already part of them. They would live in tune with Earth, for the sake of love and connection to their home.

I try to live by those values and those beliefs.

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one – Imagine, John Lennon/Yoko Ono

I’m far away from being “perfect” with this – Yes. I’m a human being, and I make mistakes—every day. I have to – because that’s how we learn, how we evolve, as individuals and as human society as a whole. There’s no light without darkness.

We need to have a look at the bigger picture. Things are the way they are because we set them up this way.

Things are the way they are because we, humanity, set them up this way, over thousands and thousands of years.

We allowed demagogues, liars, people in power, and their institutions to suppress us. We allowed them to lead us astray, through our ignorance, our greed, our laziness. We refused to accept our responsibility in creating this world; we refused to trust our guts, we refused to connect, we decided to be separated and to separate, and act from a mindset of lack and conflict.

We were and are the ones who decide not to integrate our shadows, not to question our belief systems, not to look at the bigger picture and accept our role in the mess we got ourselves into as humanity.

Everything is a process. And we had to follow it along. We needed to take those steps, to learn from our failures, backlashes, suffering. We burnt people at the stakes who spoke the truth, only to stand on their shoulders a few decades later. We learned, we evolved. But we also allowed and pushed mechanisms that drove us further and further apart from each other. Mechanisms that made wars worse and suffering universal.

We drove ourselves to the brink of extinction.

We have the chance and the ability to change our way now. This planet can’t sustain us anymore – and nature has her own mechanisms of fighting back. Nature doesn’t need us.

If we don’t like the way it is, we need to change the game. And each and every one of us can do their part in this.

I decided a couple of years ago to change my way of living. And this is a constantly ongoing process, which will never be “finished.” I decided to integrate my darkness, to be honest with myself, to question my beliefs, and act according to my learnings. This never ends.

I had to leave behind a lot of things that were familiar to me my whole life. You only lose what’s meant to be lost – to make space for something more valuable.

Yes, it’s painful. It comes with loss, with uncertainty, yes. You struggle, cause you don’t want to let go. But what you get is so much better. What you get is nothing less than freedom and love. You free your soul from the cage you kept it in for years. We are afraid to jump cause we are so scared we might fall. What I’ve learned so far – we fall, yes. Into the darkest realms of our inner world. And then we start to fly.

It starts with us. It always starts with us.

That’s the reason I decided to act politically now, in these specific times. Political activism is just another tool, a tool I feel the need of right now, to preserve the other tools we have for the more significant change – Freedom. Equality. Autonomy. Connection to each other. We need these to make the next step, to take the leap to a better future, for every living being on this very living being Planet Earth.

Because otherwise, this living being Earth will just get rid of us.

We created this reality. And we are in it together.
We should stop pointing fingers at each other. We should stop labeling each other in “good and bad,” “right and left,” “true and false,” “real and conspiracy” – these are just limiting concepts that keep us stuck, which we have used over thousands of years to enslave, oppress, and diminish ourselves and others.

If we, as humanity, want to evolve and get back to a form of society and a way of living on this planet – our very HOME in the deepest sense of meaning – in a sustainable, healthy, liberated and equitable way, borne by love, abundance, and peace, we have to integrate our darkness, we have to own our truth, and become a soul tribe that changes the script.

I’m not a religious person, but I can still be with Jesus’ words (whoever he might have been, also the Bible is just a storybook written down by men) – “Love the sinner, but not the sin.”

We live in this greedy, power-abusive and unjust world, because we’ve chosen to as a species, and because we still keep choosing to oppress, defame, and laugh at people who fight against the status quo:

indigenous people around the world standing up as protectors of the Earth; political activists fighting peacefully for our future; random people in our midst we disparate as dreamers, hippies, unworldly idiots.

“I think, all our society is run by insane people, for insane objectives. … I think, we’re run by maniacs for maniacal ends. If anybody could put on paper what our government, and the American government, etc, and the Russian, and Chinese government…what they’re actually trying to do, and what they think they’re doing, I’d be very pleased to know what they think they’re doing…

I think they’re all insane. But I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.” – John Lennon, interviewed by Peter Lewis in June 1968 for BBC-2

We create the wars, we create the famines, we create the resource exploitation, we create injustice – each and every day, with each and every single one of our own decisions: what we buy, whom we vote for, what we consume, what we speak of, and what we feed into in ourselves. We can feed into fear – or love. We are the creators. Each and every single one of us.

We are all “guilty.” And we all have the power and the capacity to change that. To evolve. To enter a new paradigm.

You choose if, and how you do this.

In this particular moment in time, I’ve chosen to sit in meditation for one hour each Saturday, together with thousands of other people who share the same intentions – love, unity, peace. These are the underlying values for at least the people I’ve spoken to and with whom I have connected, virtually and on the streets.

The only “concept” I follow, and I know many of them are in with me on this, is wholeness – the wholeness of being, unity as humanity.
The only “truth” I follow is the voice inside my heart, my gut, my soul. And this voice, not the sometimes drowning chatter of ego, fear, anger, and despair, speaks in one language: Love. If you come from a place of unconditional love, for yourself, for other human beings, and for every single living being in this Universe, you automatically stop buying into the bullshit we feed ourselves daily.

Political activism in the form of peaceful meditation is just a tool for this underlying purpose; a tool that serves two things: to make a peaceful and powerful statement that everyone can see, but more importantly, to set positive energy transmissions in motion that everyone can FEEL.

You can decide for yourself what you make out of what we are doing there. You can decide whom you believe – the people who speak about us and our motifs – or us, the people sitting there.

You are the creator. You can choose.

“I offer what sits in the deepest part of my heart to the deepest part of your heart.”




Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash


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